Nescafé Good morning World 360°

Following a request from Publicis to seize the opportunity to use the new 360° vision system created by Facebook, Prodigious introduced a brand new broadcasting methodt : first, the Business Affair department negociated the copyright of “Don’t Worry” by Madcon, “kitchen accessories cover”. This is a millenium web hit, with over 50,000,000 views on Youtube.
In collaboration with the Publicis Creative Team, the director Laurent King filmed a dozen musicians of various ethnicities representing 8 different countires, to perform a live cover of the song using kitchen accessories .
The post-production department put together the different sequences in order to compose the 360° video making over 700,000 views on facebook.

Client : Nescafe
Agency : Publicis Conseil

Advertiser : NESCAFÉ Sean Murphy / Nicolas Deluce

Creation Director : Olivier Desmettre / Fabrice Delacourt
Artistic Director : Pierre Penicaud
AD assistants : Maxence Rossignol / Sébastien Dudas
Account manager : Elie Ohayon / Marie Chavarot / Ariane Assefy

Sounds Production : (Prodigious) Elodie Sillart / Boris Nicou / Brice Davoli
Realisation : Laurent King
Production Company : Prodigious Film
Producer : Charles Petit / Laurent Sequaris
Executive producer : Aurore Gay

Post-production : (Prodigious) Kwet Dupic
Photographic director : Guillaume Lomprez
Business Affairs : (Prodigious) CarlosSerrano,ElodieSiliart

Musical composition : Madcon Don’t Worry


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